Special hydraulic excavator

Release time:2016-06-07 14:23:43

The HW240-8B model developed by China National Heavy Duty Truck Qingdao Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has been able to adjust the height of the cab according to the visual field needs. The technical indicators of the products have been verified by the National Quality Inspection and Supervision Center and filled in the domestic blanks.
This product is developed and produced by Qingdao Heavy Industry Haidou Engineering Machinery Department. The cabs of the traditional hydraulic excavators are fixed structures with insufficient field of view to meet the requirements of the operation. The hydraulic cab excavator can meet the special work requirements. This product is based on the general hydraulic excavator. The cab is suspended on the hydraulically driven lifting mechanism. The output is determined by logic operation to realize the cab lifting and precise constant speed control.
This product can greatly reduce the user's purchase and maintenance costs, and can be promoted and applied to the ore and log handling of ports characterized by “special, fine and fine”, scrap loading of steel plants, transfer stations of bulk bulk logistics of railways, etc. A market segment with special needs for the field of vision.

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