The crane industry has broad prospects for development

Release time:2016-06-07 14:23:08

As an important construction machine, crane has been playing an increasingly important role in China's construction. Therefore, in the overall cold situation of the industry, the crane enterprises need to re-energize, painstakingly think, strengthen confidence, and seek an effective development path.
In 2013, the construction machinery industry's prosperity has been in a cold state. Due to the macro-control and monetary tightening policies of domestic real estate, the expectations of major manufacturers for industry recovery and rising return on investment are still low, and market demand is relatively low. Manufacturers and agents are not confident enough. The only small peak of lifting machinery in 2013 appeared in October. In the fourth quarter, the external investment environment was stable, and real estate and infrastructure remained in decline.
China's engineering crane industry is experiencing an extraordinary stage of development. While achieving rapid growth and rapid decline, the entire industry is also suffering from the challenges of fierce international and domestic competition and the challenges of the financial crisis.
As a key year for implementing the objectives of the 12th Five-Year Plan, in 2013, the national economic development was in an important period of strategic opportunities. Urbanization, new industrialization, and internationalization have all entered a critical stage. Engineering crane companies have begun to rationally analyze the main reasons for the downturn in the entire industry market. After painstaking efforts, they have strengthened their confidence and sought an effective development path.
In the related technical aspects of cranes, this National Science and Technology Progress Award is taken as an example. Among them, Zoomlion’s “Key Technology and Application of Super Large Tower Cranes” was awarded the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award. It is reported that the project has broken through a number of super-large tower crane technology bottlenecks, greatly promoted the level of bridge construction in China, and formed a complete set of technology with independent intellectual property rights, realized large-scale production of ultra-large tower cranes, and broke foreign brands. The monopoly is of great significance to the national economic construction. At the same time, Sany Heavy Industry's “Key Technology and Application of Large Tonnage Series Crawler Cranes” also won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.
From a macro perspective, in 2014, the railway investment will focus on the Midwest and intercity railways, and the funds will be gradually guaranteed; the total investment in highways will remain low, but the west is still the investment focus; nuclear power has a warming trend and is away from the target. The value is far from the difference, and the investment growth space is large in the next two years; the investment opportunities in public services appear and can be properly concerned. As the domestic economic environment and downstream industries have generally stabilized, it is expected that the fundamentals of the construction machinery industry will improve slightly in 2014, but it is difficult to see a significant rebound. In 2014, it will face a slowing growth and a more differentiated economic environment. Fixed investment will show a trend of low before and after.
In 2014, under the favorable macroscopic aspect, the lifting machinery is actively technological innovation, ready to go, or will usher in new development. China has become the most important construction machinery market in the world. With the constant regulation of the domestic market, China's cranes will surely have greater development.

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