Several types of forklift attachments and their fields of application

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Paper roll clamp: adjustable short arm type; fixed short arm type
The paper roll holder provides efficient, safe, and non-destructive handling and stacking of the paper roll, and can grip the paper roll for 360-degree rotation. Convenient paper exchange work. It is widely used in the papermaking, carton, packaging, printing, port and other industries to carry out pallet-free handling and stacking of various paper rolls.
General attachments: soft clips, multi-purpose flat clips, carton clips, bucket clips, brick clips, etc.
The most representative general-purpose jigs are soft wraps, which can safely and efficiently carry soft bags of various forms, such as cotton, textile, wool, pulp, waste paper, hay, and industrial scraps. . It is suitable for paper-free handling and stacking of various paper rolls in the papermaking, textile, chemical fiber, waste paper recycling and other industries.
The rotator can quickly flip 360 degrees of containers and articles that need to be rotated or flipped, and is widely used in food, chemical, sanitation, article recycling, smelting and casting industries.
Pallet handling attachments: gouges, pitch forks, single and double pallet forks, etc.
The side shifter is the most commonly used attachment in the forklift. The side shifter helps the goods on the fork to move laterally from side to side by 100mm or 150mm, facilitating the fork and stacking of the cargo, greatly improving the flexibility of the forklift. Sex and work efficiency. Suitable for all kinds of forklift operations.
Palletless handling attachments: carton holders, pushers, ejector
The ejector is suitable for bagged goods such as fertilizer, feed, grain flour, salt and cement.
Hydraulic supply group

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