Forklift attachment special mechanization

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Compared with the traditional use of forklift forks to take cargo pallets for handling and stacking, dedicated tool applications can greatly improve the efficiency of the forklift and reduce operating costs. Dedicated forklift attachment for cargo gripping, rotation (cis/counterclockwise), side shifting, push/pull, flip (forward/backward), split/close (adjust fork spacing), telescoping, etc. This is an action that cannot be done with a forklift fork. The meaning of the application of forklift special attachments can be summarized as follows:
1. High production efficiency and low operating cost.
Mechanized handling is shorter than traditional manual handling operations, while reducing labor costs and costs and improving work efficiency. In the same handling cycle, the number of movements of the forklift is significantly reduced, and the corresponding tires, transmission gears, fuel consumption, etc. of the forklift are also reduced accordingly, and the running cost is also reduced accordingly.
2. The operation is safe and reliable, reducing the accident rate.
The attachments designed and manufactured by professional forklift attachment manufacturers for different industrial conditions are designed with safety devices. In the abnormal situation, the goods that are clamped (or forked) are not easy to slip, such as the pressure-holding device of the clamps. When the cargo is carried, the tubing bursts, the hydraulic system maintains the pressure, and the cargo does not slip.) The end-loading device of the lateral shifting accessory reduces the accident rate.
3. The loss of goods is small.
Thanks to the unique functions of clamping, side shifting, rotation, etc., the goods can be transported or stacked or loaded more safely, thus minimizing the loss of goods. The use of the attachment also reduces the frequency of use of the pallet (such as no pallet handling), and the corresponding procurement and repair
All kinds of attachments are composed of short piston hydraulic cylinders, high pressure hoses, hose winders, quick joints, round seals, special parts for accessories. These parts can be cleaned and maintained with reference to general hydraulic parts. In addition to the abnormal phenomena such as oil leakage and rupture of the pipeline system, the allowable load, lifting height, size of the cargo and the scope of the attachment, and the width of the operation shall be Strictly executed according to the performance parameter table of the attachment, neither overload nor partial load. For the eccentric load operation, the forklift with medium and small tonnage belts shall have a short-term eccentric load range of +-150mm.
In the use of the forklift, the paired forks are thick and the fork lengths should be approximately equal. After the two forks are mounted on the fork, the upper level should be kept in the same plane. The operating procedures must be strictly observed, and overloaded or long-distance handling of goods must not be carried out; when handling objects that are too long or whose center of gravity cannot be determined, special personnel must be directed and extra care must be taken. When using forks, the fork should be suitable for the width of the load. The fork should be inserted as deep as possible under the load. Use the minimum gantry to lean back to stabilize the load to prevent the load from slipping. When the load is lowered, the gantry can be made small. Lean forward to safely lower the cargo and pump the fork. During operation, the fork should be as low-speed as possible. It should be 30~40mm from the ground. The gantry should be properly tilted backwards. The fork should not be lifted or lowered arbitrarily during driving. It should not be turned on the slope and travel across the slope. The method of unloading the pallet by the fork is unloading; it is not allowed to directly transport dangerous goods and flammable goods with the fork; it is not allowed to use single fork operation or inertial fork cargo; Easy to roll goods.

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