What forklift is good?

Release time:2016-06-07 14:15:53

The domestic market is mainly divided into three parts:
1, imported brand attachments (abbreviation): Cascade (Japan Toyota), reliable (Germany), Bosoni (Italy), Antwerp (Australia).
The above companies currently have the largest market share in China Cascade (XX enterprises only choose expensive); reliable and Bosoni now rely on Chinese production to export abroad, the domestic is getting worse and worse, gradually fade out of the market; Antwerp is a good company, Continuous research and development of new products, strong technical funds, moderate prices, market share is now growing.
2, domestic attachments (abbreviation): Anqing linkage (Heli forklift), Kangli (Hangzhou forklift), Longji (now called Longhe), etc.
The domestic attachments are mainly based on Anqing linkage and Kangli attachments. Relying on its huge forklift sales accounted for most of the market, after all, the average person almost does not understand the attachment.
3, small workshop processing attachments and under the banner of the Sino-foreign joint venture banner.
Its production belongs to the "reverse engineering" family. The quality is worrying.

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