Source construction has a large demand for large cranes

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Recently, with the rise of energy and infrastructure in the United States, the United States All Lifting and Large Crane Leasing Company purchased 17 Manitowoc and Grove cranes in two batches. This big sale has enabled the company to meet the current lifting requirements for equipment with a maximum lifting capacity of more than 90 tons. The machinery industry should enhance the awareness of opportunity and the sense of danger, put comprehensive and deep reform at the forefront, strive to maintain stable growth of the industry, and at the same time, exert greater efforts to promote quality and efficiency, upgrade, and focus on improving the development of basic processes, basic materials and basic components. Level, strengthen the research and development and industrialization of major technology complete sets of equipment, promote the transformation of equipment manufacturing from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing, improve the integration level of industrialization and further enhance the international competitiveness of the industry.
The two batches of cranes were mainly used for off-road tire cranes and crawler cranes, with lifting capacities from 36t to 748t, delivered in May 2012 and July 2012 respectively.
The nine cranes delivered in May 2012 have a range of off-road tire cranes and two crawler cranes, the leading one being the huge Manitowoc 18,000 crawler crane. With the Manitowoc Maxer attachment, the lifting capacity is nearly 750t.
All Company said that Manitowoc 18000 is very suitable for lifting installations such as bridge installation, construction of electric machine room, lifting of wind farms, etc. It has the characteristics of large weight, good moving performance and small supporting area.
Another crawler crane purchased by All is Manitowoc's 272t 2250, which is the main force in the company's large cranes. The 2250 is equipped with a 101m main boom and a 49m variable amplitude jib that can be used to install steel structures and lift heavy industrial equipment.
In order to increase the capacity of large off-road tire cranes, All purchased a 136t Grove RT9150E. It is said to be the world's largest off-road tire crane, equipped with the longest main boom of the currently produced off-road tire crane, 60m long.
All of the orders also include a Grove RT9130E equipped with a 49-meter 49m full-power telescopic main arm 118t, and a Grove RT890E equipped with a 43m full-power telescopic main arm 82t. There are two pairs of off-road tire cranes with a weight below 80t, two 59t Grove RT765E and two 36t Grove RT540E.
Recently, there are four 82t Grove RT890Es in this single 8 cranes; in addition, the two largest cranes are the 272t Manitowoc 2250 crawler crane and the 499t 7-bridge Grove 7550 all-terrain crane; The other two are the 59t Grove RT765E off-road tire cranes.
Alli's president, Michael Liptak, said the cranes will be used for roads, factories, wind power and bridge construction. “Despite our strength, we will add new cranes to meet the growing needs of industries, such as wind turbines, roads or bridges, and commercial buildings. Development of hydraulic fracturing mining, wind farms and the solar industry It is also very fast."
“The market demand for these medium and large tonnage cranes is strong, and the newly purchased large cranes and other mechanical equipment have increased our confidence to meet the needs of users,” Liptak said smugly. The development of China's large-scale crane industry is also “stable and worrying”. The endogenous growth momentum is insufficient. The contradiction of overcapacity is still prominent. The comprehensive production cost is rising, and the overall production and operation of enterprises is still difficult. In general, the overall operation of the industrial economy is still in a reasonable growth range, while still facing structural problems that constrain the sustainable development of the industry for a long time.

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