Lifting and hoisting safety management standards

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1. Purpose
Through strict planning and management of lifting and hoisting operations, the related risks are reduced, the safety of operators and the integrity of lifting and hoisting goods are guaranteed.
2. area
This standard applies to all units of Party A and Party B in Tarim Oilfield.
Terms and definitions
3.1 Lifting and hoisting work
Work with lifting equipment such as overhead cranes, gantry cranes, tower cranes, car cranes, and lifts.
3.2 Spreaders, rigging
Attachments for lifting and hoisting equipment, such as steel ropes, pulleys, grommet, balancer, studs, hanger holes, tires and hooks.
3.3 Standard load capacity of lifting and hoisting equipment
The maximum lifting capacity specified by the manufacturing mark is related to the length and radius of the boom.
3.4 legs
An extendable and fixed arm on the hoisting equipment for increasing its stability or load capacity.
3.5 lifting weight
The maximum total weight of the cargo and all lifting equipment suspended at the top of the boom during cargo lifting.
3.6 Working radius
The distance between the vertical line of the cargo center and the center of rotation of the boom.
4 standards / procedures
4.1 Lifting and hoisting plan

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