Market Analysis of the Impact of Different Seasons on Equipment Handling Industry

Release time:2016-06-07 14:34:59

The equipment handling industry is a service industry that is less sensitive to the seasons, but this does not mean that the impact of the season on the industry does not exist. The effects of different seasons on the handling industry are still different.
    In the spring, there is an increasing demand for handling equipment. The year is in spring, and the same is true for SMEs. Generally, at the beginning of the year, the company will make annual enterprise plans. For example, enterprises need to purchase equipment, relocate enterprise plants, and relocate enterprises. They will be formulated and implemented at the beginning of the year. The main customers are all equipment handling needs.
    In summer, the handling requirements for air conditioners and chiller equipment have increased. With the advent of summer, the temperature rises, especially the high temperature weather often encountered in the south, some units will increase the purchase of air-conditioning equipment, such as ice water machine, central air-conditioning, household air-conditioning, temperature control equipment, etc. When faced with problems such as installation, cleaning, maintenance, and handling of temperature control equipment, they will seek to solve the problem by the handling company.
    In the fall, the demand for equipment handling in foreign trade companies increased. Most SMEs will be fully loaded in the fall, increasing the inventory of goods for the Christmas and Spring Festival in the West. In order to cope with production, the demand for handling of raw materials and equipment will increase, especially for foreign trade companies. Both are choosing to purchase new equipment in the fall to increase production capacity.
    In winter, equipment handling requirements are significantly reduced. In winter, the maintenance of handling equipment is more difficult and the cost will increase. In addition, near the end of the year, many small and medium-sized enterprises have a one-year production plan, and the demand for equipment handling is relatively reduced, and the corresponding winter business volume will also decline slightly.
    Careful analysis and inspection of the needs of customers in different seasons has a certain role in promoting equipment handling companies to provide diversified services and adopting different marketing measures in different seasons.

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