Process and difficulty analysis of the relocation of precision equipment

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Disassembled. Relative to the production equipment, the disassembly of precision equipment is relatively simple, because many precision equipments are integrally formed, no need to disassemble, only need to remove the external connection. For example, industrial production robot arms can be packaged by simply removing the power connections, electrical connections, and control cabinets.
    package. General precision equipment is packaged in wooden cases, and some precision equipment needs to be vacuum packed and then loaded into wooden boxes.
    Transportation: Most of the precision equipment can be transported by vans, but some precision equipment that requires vibration and temperature may require anti-vibration vehicles and constant temperature and humidity vehicles for transportation.
    Installation: The installation location of precision equipment is generally located in a clean room, so the installation process needs to be carried out in accordance with the clean room equipment handling and installation specifications.
    Difficulties in handling precision equipment
    Go upstairs. According to experience, most of the precision equipment is not installed in a standardized factory, especially some equipment and testing equipment, all need to be installed in the office building, and the office building has no special equipment lifting entrance, only through elevator or stairs It is difficult for the handling company to transport the equipment upstairs.
    package. The packaging of precision equipment is a technically demanding work. Some of the exported precision equipments need to be protected from moisture. Special packaging materials are needed. Many equipment handling companies do not have this capability. Therefore, Suzhou equipment handling companies and professional packaging. The company has a cooperative relationship and can be undertaken by a professional packaging company.
    Hoisting. Some precision equipment is bulky and requires vibration to be maintained at a certain extent, so precision equipment handling is difficult to handle in other production equipment.

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